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up, that security guard was a little late on the uptake. >>hat's what's making you're watching the station that works for you, "good morning maryland" at 4:30. a baltimore city cop is shot overnight. i am linda so. how it happened and the latest on his condition. a shocking story. a city police office are arrested for a suspected heroin operation. but it's where it went down that has people outraged. a glimmer of hope in washington. what you need to know about the latest debt proposal. first, no relief in sight but that's how it feels oa. figures released a -- feels. officials released a code red alert through sunday. >> how hot will it get and when will it cool down. let's head over to meteorologist justin berk. >> let's look at yesterday's high. 95 in baltimore.
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we can thank afternoon thunderstorms for preventing it from getting hotter surrounded by 93s. and the heat index were well over 100. we are going to get there. excessive heat watch. it's not the heat, its not necessarily the dew point. it's the dew point. when dew points are above 70 that's when it is uncomfortable. combine that with the heat and heat index today through the weekend will range between 105 to 115. dew point this morning 71. that's a sign of the moisture in the atmosphere and we can thank yesterday's storms for doing that. some places missed it. other places like baltimore citywound up with an inch of rain from the storms. 13/100 at bwi. how hot will it get? we will talk about that coming up. but first more on the heat with megan.
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>> reporter: accident free in baltimore city and baltimore county. that's a great way to start the day. 695 on the southwest side at wilkins avenue, outer loop is heavier to the left of the screen. inner loop you are moving well. harford county, an accident abington at wood spreng drive. be aware of that-- spring drive. be aware of that. a water main break with utility repairs and 95 northbound and two left rains are closed because of construction. abc2 was first on the scene of a shooting involved a are -- >> abc2 news linda so is live at city police headquarters with an update on how the officer is doing this morning. >> reporter: we are glad to report the officer has been treated and released from shock
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trauma. the cop was grazed by a bullet in the hip. shoot-- the shooting happened in the 1100 block of cooks lane in the south we69 district of the city -- southwest district of the city. he was -- the officer got out of his patrol car and interviewed people and heard several gunshots go off e looked down and saw he was grazed in the him. -- hip. it's unclear who shot at the officer. there are no suspects or motives and we are told the cop is a five-year veteran, just 24 years old and works out of the southwest district patrol section many if you know anything about the shooting, call baltimore city homicide's section at 410-396-2100. we are live at city police headquarters, linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. also, neighbors are shocked after the arrest of someone who
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once made them feel safe. officer daniel redd next door is gone. a grand jury indicted him on seven drug related charges involving an operation of heroin. the 51-page affidavit describes redd as a drug ring leaders getting the drug from a supplier from africa. one of the most shocking details is he was in police uniformed armed with a handgun while conducting the suspected transaction. >> we hope that sends a powerful message if you carry a gun and deal drugs, whether a street corner junky or police officer, you will face a lengthy term in prison. >> redd has a hearing schedule for friday to see if he be released -- if he will be released before the trial against. baltimore city police arrested 16-year-old keymo martin on charges of first-
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degree murder. two guards were patrolling the oak hill townhomes when they were shot. the female has been released and the male is hospitalized this morning. police say they are looking for a second suspect in the case. on this wednesday, carjackers gave up, that's right, they gave up. anne arundel county police say two men who tried to steal a car ran off it was a -- ran off after they discovered it was a steek shift. they made the attempt and he told them it was a 5-speed and they ran off. the case has been closed andno charges filed in the $10,000 theft from patterson middle school. -- high school rather. it was a 6-month investigation into the cash stolen and no charges or suspects. harford county state's attorney's office says it was due to "too many questions rounding -- surrounding
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employee accessibility and the lack of accountability in handle the money. a town council voted to work with grasmick lumber to supply 56,000 pieces of wood for the boardwalk reconstriction. the town will pay more than 600,000 dollars and it will be treat and they will try to make it last a little longer for the boardwalk. new information shows the organization is spending more than they are making. >> what the university of maryland is trying to reduce revenue and increase cost. a borrower or a lender? a study shows variations on your vied it score. you are watching "good morning marled" first and only at 4:30. a live look this morning at our nation's capitol. -- maryland first and only at
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#:30. a live look at the nation's capitol. hey parents, it's going to be a big school year. see, i'm not just teaching woodwinds and strings. i'm teaching attitude!
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >> well it looks spectacular for people in a california neighborhood it was a headache. this is outside los angeles. it's incredible a water hydrant was sheered off sending a geyser of 100 feet into the air. it's not known what caused the accident but two homes are flooded forcing the evacuation of residents. it took more than a hour to turn off the water because it was more than 6 feet under water. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar be a the- - and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> the heat and humidity building on us. like yesterday, we had some areas with rainfall and others missed out. that is one of the problems with the forecast. you want to know when it's going to rain and if it's going to rain on top of you. and it could be one town over.
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this morning, we are looking at rain free conditions. 70 at fallston and towson and westminster. 74 in glen burnie. heading through today, we will be talking about the heat and humidity. but i want to take you back to the tropics, tropical storm bret churning off the florida coastline and a little added surf and rip currents. want -- dish want to show you the 50-mile-per-hour winds. bret is expected to weaken alongcolder waters. not a direct impact for us. back home, the temperatures are not the heat and humidity but the heat index close to 110 with isolated storms. here tonya with traffic. >> reporter: we are starting out okay for the most part. pretty quiet right now. let's start out by looking at the beltway on the northwest side. 695 at liberty road, there you can see we have traffic building in both directions. it's the outer loop to the
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right and inner loop with traffic. abington road at wood spring drive trouble reported there. 895 southbound past shell road, we have a disabled vehicle. so be careful passing throughthere. 59 northbound between the beltway and washington boulevard, construction. charley. >> thanks a lot. alcohol egg park will be clouded -- college park will be crowded and excited this week because the president will speech at the ritchie coliseum. a limited number of general admission tickets will be made available through the university. we are not told just yet what the discussion topics will be for that town hall meeting. the school's president of the university of maryland says they spent more money than it generates on the varsity sports programs and -- perhaps and it's a pattern that debleated the financial reserve. the university president has made no mention of cutting sports but said there's a new commission considering all
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options to increase revenue and reduce the costs. 4:42. it's not exactly the debate you are used to. >> no, it's not. but they are hoping it's a way to see and hear where they stand. why some candidates are going to be debating tough issues through social media. and speak of politician and where they -- speaking of politician and where they stand, where does governor o'malley stand with same sex mirnlg? >> -- marriage. a live picture of the inner harbor this morning.
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it's 4:45. five things to know before heading out this morning. a meeting will be held to discuss the proposal to build an underground metro rail station at dulles airport. transportation secretary is in favor of building the rail station above ground in an effort to save a billion
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dollars. supporters the underground rail say it would be more convenient for travelers. lucky martin offering volume-tarry layoff problem for 6500 workers in the united states. the severance package is two weeks pay and another week of pay for each year of service. employees could accept the package and would leave the company in the fall. several republican candidates looking to capture the top job will hold a debate which will be on twitter starting at 3. and it is sponsored by the tea fee. a nonprofit group is recommending birth control be free under health care plans and say women shouldn't have to pay deductables or copays for sterilation reproductive education or contraception. they are reviewing the report. still no deal as of yet on the end of the nfl rock lockout.
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the executive committee has reviewed a section of the proposed deal. representatives of all 32 teams will be in washington to continue the talks. leaders in washington are making headway in a debt ceiling crisis. house passed the cap cut and balanced plan but time is running out. sherrie johnson has latest in the op going story. >> reporter: debt talks continue. the cut cap and balance plan passed with ease. it's not expected to pass in the senate. president obama has said he would veto such a bill. but he did voice interest in a bipartisan plan proposed by the so call gang of 6. it's a bipartisan group of senators that crafted a plan to include cuts to entitlements medicare medicaid and social security and close tax loopholes. now some are concerned there's not enough time to pass the plan by the august 2nd deadline. across the nation, voters are
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fed up with all sides in this debt crisis. >> they kneel need to get off the dime. >> get it done for god's sake. >> reporter: president obama has not ruled out another plan proposed by the senate minority leader that would raise the debt ceiling to up to 2.5 trillion dollars through the 2012 elections. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> as congress and white house wrestle over raising the borrowing limit, credit rated agencies moody investor warning that it probably will lower the credit rating of five states and that includes maryland a downgrade would raise interest rates on u.s. treasury bonds and increase the interest rate for taxpayers as well. it would push up rates for mortgages car loans and other debts. and speak of the state problems, the shutdown in minnesota is causing headache -- causing a headache for three weeks but there's a glimmer of
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hope.that could be near both parties reached agreements on 9 budget bills. it will be over only after both chambers of the republican controlled legislature approved nine budget bills and they are signed into law. by the end of the week, the state of maryland will know what row governor omally will -- role governor o'malley will play in the same sex debate e says he he will be -- he says he will be active in support of the next session of the general assemblybeginning in january. it passed in the senate but stalled in the house of delegates. when you go shopping for a car or a house or apply for credit card, your credit score always comes into play. now a report from the newly created consumer protection bureau found credit reporting agencies have a different way of coming up with a credit score for borrower than for a
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lender. credit reporting agencies didn't immediately respond to request for comments though about that report. today american airlines will be ordering new planes. reports say the airline could order 400 planes to replace more than 200 fuel guzzling aircraftthe fuel efficient planes could put more pressure on other airlines to upgrade their fleets and is likely to include aircraft from long time supplier boeing and europe's airbus. officials for american and boeing have denied comment on the deal. making headlines this morning, around the nation, was it casey anthony a hoax or cover up? a woman wearing the same clothes she wore when she walked out of jail on sunday was seen coming off a plane owned by one of casey's former attorneys. now she had a towel covering her head as she rushed into the building. minutes later an suv was seen leaving the area in a hurry. her attorney jose baez says a text message saying it was not casey anthony.
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a 5-year-old is dead and five others are nursing wounds in a hospital after a accident in maine. a tractor trailer hauling lotion went into a house cig the 3 -- logs went into a house killing the 3-year-old. they are uncertain what caused the accident. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> i wanted to shift the focus to the great lakes. we are at 74 in baltimore. but look up towards detroit. it's 75. it's 81 this morning in chicago where a lot of people on the west side are without power. that's dangerous when there's consideration for the desperate need for air conditioning. look at minneapolis and st. louis both in the mid-80s this morning. they are an hour behind but that's running during the 3:00 hour in the morning and we have had cloud cover and storms
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rolling through the great lakes. that's why i wanted to show you this region. when you see the clusters of flare-up, these are messo scale convective complexes a common thing when we have the big heat waves on outskirts. you get the developed thunderstorms that could take a life of their own and develop without heating of the day. this one is driving to the east of looks like milwaukee and maybe heading towards south bend, indian and lansing, michigan getting clipped by this. the dive of this will hit indian and and -- indiana and ohio. future radar highlighting a flare-up. around the lunch hour into the early afternoon, the floor director tom pointed out how good of a job the computer model did yesterday with the timing of the storms. so we will watch and see if we have a flare-up during the early afternoon. the atmosphere is primed and we need a trigger and boost to live the -- lift the air and
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trigger storms. some you know about that yesterday. more showers into the overnight and thursday morning and we build in the heat with not m relief on thursday afternoon -- not much relief on thursday afternoon and friday. 95 today, excessive heat watch. we are looking for heat index values between 105 and 110. that's dangerous to be outside even if you are among the sturdiest of the stock you don't want to risk it. i encourage you not to take your pets out for excessive time. leave water and check on the elderly and your friends. we may have to handle strong thunderstorms risk severe limits with -- risking severe limits and damaging hail. 98 tomorrow. how about 100 feeling like 115 on friday. i don't think anybody likes that stuff. we could approach 100 to start the weekend. the nice weather will be a cool down to 88 next tuesday.
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seems like a few years away, tonya. >> reporter: it does. if there's no pool in sight, i am going to stay inside. the disabled vehicle 895 southbound past shell road is now cleared out of the roadway. that's good news there. let's look at 795 and reisterstown at could by -- cockys mill, no issues. harford county an accident up at abington road so be aware of that. also, a few accidents have popped up on the beltway. outer loop at 795, the two left lanes are blocked so stay to the right. we have an accident on the outer loop between philidelphia road and 95. overnight construction should wrap up in the next 10 minutes. it's on 95 northbound between the beltway and 395. charley. >> thanks a lot. it is because of a text message a false message that left taliban officials speaking out. >> what they are denying and how they say the rumor got
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started in the first place. that story is coming up next. also, libyan rebels are stationed close to the countries and leaders and troops. why they call it a close encounter and what they are guarding. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. another look at the capitol. much work to be done in the nation's capitol.
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now "good morning maryland at 4:30. this morning the taliban wants the world to know their leader is not dead. the spokesman are denying reports that the insurgent gripe's leader is not dead. it was a claim from a text message sent to journalist and they are saying it's a fake and the result of a phone hack. rumors spread that he died and earlier text messages said he was dead. a behind-the-scenes look at
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rebelsing more march cay calfy. for them it's about -- mow march qaddafi. it's about protecting what they have. that's an around the clock job to make sure it is safe. food, weapons and ammunition they think the enemy will attack. it's closed wherefores are keeping guard. also, humanitarian crisis is escalating in east africa. severe drought conditions there continue in ethiopia and kenyaand somalia. it's a desperate situation growing worse. thousands continue to flee somali's worst drought in decades seeking food and shelter and a refugee camp across the border in kenya. planes are carrying the aid including tents that's begun to arrive every day in nairobi but the u.n. says they are struggling to keep up with the nearly half million refugees that need help. secretary of state hillary is in india for discussion on a wide range of economic and security related issues now before the talks got underway
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he and the external affairs minister of india met with reporters. clinton is expected to suggest ways to deepen cooperation between the two countries and focusing on education and energy and climate change and science and technology according to the state department. now "good morning maryland." >> reporter: violence hit baltimore's police department a cop is shot overnight. how it happened and how the officer is doing. it's sad you have to call the cops on a cop. >> police officer carted away by his former colleagues. what he did that landed him behind bars. equal rights for all married couples no matter what is the topic on capitol hill as the respect for marriage act takes the defense of marriage act. it's the middle of the week, wednesday morning, thanks for joining us, i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. and the big thing everyone is
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talking about is the heat. it's the heat. the humidity and the storms, gosh, we had storms to cool us down. justin,, it was a cornucopia of things. >> there are place that is kep the heat and no brief relief from the big boomers those underneath them know how violent they can be. dangerous lightning and there's a possibility we could get some of that today. 95 yesterday in baltimore. 93 easton. york back towards hagerstown. excessive heat watch we are going to deal with this through the end of the weekend. it's the heat and not only the humidity but it's the dew point combining to make it feel like 105 to 115 each day through sunday. yuck. here we go dew point 71. that is on the uncomfortable level. 70--- 749 air temperature. how -- 74 the air temperature and what about the rest of

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